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TTPOA – Advanced SWAT

Course Details The TTPOA in conjunction with the Brownsville PD, Cameron County Sheriff’s Office and Corpus Christi PD SWAT are proud to announce they will be hosting a 40+ hour ADVANCED SWAT course in Brownsville, Texas from November 7th – 11th 2016. p2 Concepts will be instructing the Hostage Rescue portion of this course. The course will

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Tactical Rifle Applications

Tactical Rifle Applications This intense firearms training course focuses on tactical speed shooting, development of aggressive gun-handling skills and dynamic action while deploying a tactical rifle (carbine). Course Length 2 Day Tuition $275.00 Program Syllabus/Curriculum The Do’s and Don’ts to modifying a rifle The modern techniques of shooting and applications The effects of Sympathetic Nervous

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Low Light – Instructor

This is a 3 day 24 hour course. Attendees of this course will be able to develop and implement a low light training program for their respective departments or agencies. This course utilizes principle based methods and is designed to challenge the students mentally and physically. Topics include light and the human eye, flashlight selection

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Low Light

Low Light Search and Shoot Concepts Upon completing our Low-Light Tactics Course, you will be instilled with the knowledge and tactics in the use of a flashlight in all situations ranging from administrative activities to vehicle stops and lethal force engagements. These tactics will increase your chances of surviving and prevailing a deadly force confrontation

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RBT Force on Force

RBT Force on Force Instructor

RBT/Force on Force Instructor The objective for this course is learning to effectively design and implement reality-based training (RBT) utilizing Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA). Together with instruction, the trainer will gain greater conceptual understanding by participating in a variety of reality-based NLTA skill building exercises by active participation as a team member tasked with the

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Vehicle Engagement Tactics

Vehicle Engagement Tactics 8/17/2016 – 8/18/2016 Credit Hours: 16 Brownsville, Texas (Region 3) Member Fee: $250.00 Non-Member Fee: $300.00 Contact Info: Joe Villarreal, 956-592-7917 / 956-299-0330 Online Registration Course Details  The TTPOA in conjunction with P2-Concepts are proud to be hosting a 16 hour Vehicle Engagement Tactics Course in Brownsville, Texas on August 17 –

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Advanced Patrol Tactics Reality Based Training Non-Lethal Ammunition Active Shooter

Advanced Patrol Tactics

   Advanced Patrol Tactics With today’s increasing threats against Law Enforcement, it’s paramount Officers receive the necessary training to handle any situation that arises. P2 Concepts has developed a reality based force on force course, which is tailored for Patrol Officers to be able to deploy advanced tactics in various high stress situations that may

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Basic SWAT

  Basic SWAT This course is a 60-hour Basic SWAT School and will provide students with the basic understanding of SWAT tactics and procedures. This course will focus on the basic concepts of SWAT operations, to include: History and philosophy, physical fitness, liability issues, operational planning and deployment, team movements, tactical firearms, chemical agents, less lethal

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Reality based training utilizing non-lethal training ammunition. RBT NLTA

Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter Response Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to plan, coordinate, and deploy first-responder tactics to an active shooter. Designed to provide the knowledge and skills to successfully handle an active threat event, participants will be able to demonstrate proficiency through hands on training to manage these situations. By utilizing dynamic

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