Law Enforcement

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Supporting Law Enforcement communities by providing low-cost and no-cost training opportunities. These programs assist with the development of specialized Law Enforcement knowledge and skills.



In addition to our local training, P2 Concepts is always seeking new partnership opportunities within the law enforcement community to host our training courses. As a host, your agency will receive several complimentary seats at each training course. There is no costs to the host agency and P2 Concepts will handle all course registrations, marketing, travel expenses, training materials, and certificates of completion.

We guarantee the same quality and demanding standards whether our programs are conducted at your facility or ours. Contact us today at 214-631-9116 to work out any specific requests.



P2 Concepts provides the option of scheduling, on request, programs other than those listed on our published schedule. Our existing courses can be customized, condensed, combined or expanded upon request.



 All P2 Concepts courses can be conducted on a contract basis for a flat fee. Your agency will be in complete control of who attends the training.

Additional Information

For additional information on our programs, please contact us at:




Active Shooter Response

 Active Shooter Response


Low Light Search and Shoot

Low Light Search and Shoot Instructor

Tactical Rifle Applications

Vehicle Takedown Operations

Vehicle Engagement Tactics






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  1. Clayton Hobbs

    What would it take to host a vehicle engagement class?

    • Administrator

      Hi Clayton, we will email you directly with information on how to host a course. Feel free to message us at should you have any questions in the meantime.

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