Vehicle Engagement Tactics – LE

Vehicle Engagement Tactics

This course focuses on the attributes of combat pistol and rifle shooting from within and around a vehicle, utilizing live fire drills in the first day of the course and force on force training in the second day. Upon completion of this course, the student will understand and/or be able to demonstrate:

  • How to deploy Rifle/Pistol and engage threats from inside and around a vehicle.
  • The difference in ballistics vs. a vehicle (i.e. glass, metal, plastic, etc…)
  • The difference in cover vs. concealment while in and around a vehicle.
  • How to apply proper tactical principles, such as standoff distances and angles, from out and around your vehicle

Required Equipment:

  • Carbine with sling
  • Pistol with holster
  • 400 rds of 5.56
  • 300 rds of pistol ammo
  • 3 rifle magazines (min.)
  • 3 pistol magazines (min.)
  • Soft body armor / plate carriers (whatever you are issued)
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Some type of hydration device (camelbak, jug of water, etc…)