“When will it stop?”


“When will it stop?”

It’s a cry for help. A plea of “enough!” A prayer to the almighty. A wail into the darkness.

Five good men have been slain by gunfire and ambush in five days. Their blood has been spilt in Colorado and Georgia; Texas and Ohio. Five families have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother. Four departments are in mourning.

One of these men was a student of P2 concepts, but all these deaths hit close to home for us.

I don’t have words of comfort to offer in response to the desperate question of, “when will it stop?”

I have an answer, and a promise.

It won’t ever stop. But neither will we. That’s what makes us different.

Even now, there serves amongst us the next warrior who will soon answer their final call.

But that call will be answered, as EVERY other call will be answered.

You can kill a few of us, but you cannot make us quit.

We are the thin blue line – and we are here to keep the streets, highways, homes and communities of America safe.

“When will it stop?” It won’t.

And neither will we.

Heroes, hold the line.

– Dan Cincinnatus | P2 Concepts Writer/Instructor