Advanced SWAT League City Texas

11 - 15Mar2019

Advanced SWAT

From 08:00 until 20:00

At Victory Lakes Intermediate

2880 W Walker St, League City, TX 77573.


Advanced SWAT School Texas

Advanced SWAT Training in Texas



Advanced SWAT

Designed to focus on the enhancement of the basic skills covered in Basic SWAT and the development of competencies necessary to conduct specialized missions. Topics, such as hostage rescue, vehicle assaults, high risk warrant service, and tubular assaults will be covered in great detail. Students will also be trained in developing both Operational Plans and After Action Reports.

Students will be assigned to a team and will conduct challenging team building exercises daily that will focus on physical agility and decision making skills. Assessments will be made throughout the week through practical application, reality based scenarios (force on force), and a final FTX on the last day.

Required gear list, all tactical related equipment to include, but not limited to:

  • Entry vest / plate carrier with magazine pouches

  • Rifle with sling and at least 3 magazines (rifle must be sighted in) Pistol with at least 3 magazines

  • Duty belt with holster and magazine pouches

  • Helmet (ballistic or bump)

  • Handheld light(s) and weapon mounted lights

  • 600 rifle rounds - live fire

  • 200 pistol rounds - live fire

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Weapon cleaning kit

  • Personal protective gear for force on force (face and groin protection)




  • Current LE / Mil / Gov Credentials

  • Must show proficiency in firearms with duty pistol and rifle

  • Must be in good physical condition

  • Must be able to participate in intensive training lasting up to 12 hours per day

  • Must not have any medical restrictions

  • Must have attended a Basic SWAT course

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