Basic CQB

14 - 16Oct2019

Basic CQB

From 08:00 until 17:00


Childress, TX


P2 Concepts LLC

Basic CQB



With the rise of high risk encounters we are seeing today our officers need to be better prepared and better equipped to handle such situations. P2 Concepts has designed a 3 day Basic CQB course that will educate our law enforcement officers in proven, tactical techniques needed for their response that will provide them with a tactical advantage, with officer safety in mind, to handle such situations. This course is geared for officers who want to enhance their skill set without going through a week long SWAT school or the tactical officer that want or need a refresher on modern tactics. Upon completion of this course you will have the basic knowledge of the principles of proper room entries and clearing techniques needed to handle most situations associated with close quarter battle. During the 3 training days, each student will go through "problem solving" exercises, force on force scenarios, assault planning and a final graded exercise. 


  •  Principles of close quarters battle
  •  Fundamentals of room clearing
  •  Shoot/no shoot encounters
  •  Deliberate assaults
  •  Deliberate assaults with compromise 
  •  Formations and movements
  •  Gaining a tactical advantage
  •  Immediate threat upon entry
  •  Contact and control techniques
  •  Intel gathering and assault planning


  • Duty pistol and rifle
  • Daily or operational duty gear (duty belt or tactical belt, holster, magazine pouches, hand held flashlights, weapon mounted flashlights, armor carriers, handcuffs, etc.)
  • Proper clothing attire for training (force on force)
  • Mandatory protection gear for force on force training (head and face protection, groin protection, long sleeves, gloves, etc.)
  • Note taking material
  • Water for hydration 
  • Bring what you normally carry for duty (patrol, swat, narcotics, etc.)


  • Water for hydration 
  • Current LE / Mil / Gov Credentials
  • Must show proficiency in firearms with duty pistol and rifle
  • Must be in good physical condition
  • Must be able to participate in intensive training lasting up to 12 hours per day
  • Must not have any medical restrictions

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