Basic SWAT Sniper

26 - 28Jun2019

Law Enforcement Basic SWAT Sniper

From 08:00 until 21:00

At Consolidated Training Group Private Facility - Exact Location Provided Upon Registration

Weatherford, TX


P2 Concepts LLC / 214-631-9116



Student will become familiar with all aspects of modern law enforcement Precision marksman operations to include marksmanship, marksmanship diagnostics, light/ heavy semi-auto rifle options, advanced optics usage, ballistics, ballistic apps/ usage, shoot from various supported positions, Dept./ team communications, barrier penetrations through various building materials and glass, engaging concealed targets, response drills, mission planning, night operations, urban operations, and rural operations.


Students will be evaluated using class participation, marksmanship skills during skill building, qualification, or standards, plan missions, use technology during exercises and planning, conduct patrolling exercises, build a vehicle hide, build an urban hide, and establish a rural observation/ firing position all while communicating progress via radio.

Required Gear & Equipment

Bolt action or semi-auto rifle with magnified optic and sling, 2 rifle magazines, rifle ammunition pouches, pistol in OTW strong side belt holster, 2 pistol magazines, pistol magazine pouches, laser range finder (optional), data book, spotting scopes (if you have them), wind/weather meter (optional), shooting supports (bipod, rear bags, shooting mat, tripods w/cradle, etc.) body armor & helmet, camouflage gear (ghillie suit), face paint, urban hide kits (outline below), head mounted night vision (PVS 14, or dual tubes if you have them), weapon mounted night vision or thermal (if you have them) water, snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Urban hide kit consists of the following: minimum 2 screens 3’ x 8’, dark sheet or drape, rope or cord, zip ties, binder clips (large), 6 to 8 qty mineral magnets, and duct tape.

Round count

400 rounds rifle/ 50 rounds pistol per student


Training Day 1- 8 am to 9 pm

Classroom- Team and command structure, gear and equipment in use and selection, optics/ reticle usage, bolt action vs semi auto rifles, ammunition selection, ballistic apps/ usage, weather influence, team communication, command incident reporting and after action review.

Range- Marksmanship, confirm zeros/ consistency at 100 yards, chronograph rifles, supported positions strong and weak side, tripod usage, use of cover/ loophole usage, barrier penetration on various building materials/ glass, carbines for low profile operations, shoot VTT Precision rifle standards (slick).  Night shoot.


Training day 2- 8 am to 9 pm

Cold bore, confirm zeros, shoot groups for consistency prone and supported, shoot movers from 50 to 100 yards prone and from tripods.

Rural operations patrol/ target detection course, camouflage, movement, hide selection, concealment exercises, short stalk. Night shoot


Training day 3- 8 am to 9 pm

Cold bore, grouping exercise, supported positions, movers at 150 to 200 yards prone/ supported. Shoot FBI Qual and VTT Precision Rifle standards. Urban operation/ scenario- daytime movement, use of cover, use of technology, selecting and setting positions, security. Low profile operations- use of vehicles in an urban environment, surveillance operations, urban hides, overwatch.  Low/ no light scenario shoot.

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