Low Light Instructor

20 - 24May2019

Low Light Instructor

From 08:00 until 20:00

At Collin County Training Facility

3600 Redbud Blvd. McKinney, Texas 75069


P2 Concepts LLC / 214-631-9116


Low Light Instructor

By utilizing principal based methods designed to challenge officers mentally and physically, instructors will learn how to develop and implement low light training program for their agency. This train the trainer course provides a detailed in depth look at equipment selection, proper techniques, training concepts, and the development of a low light training program. Upon completion you will have the proper tools and preparation needed to develop and implement successful low light training program for their department.

The Low Light Instructor course incorporates classroom, live fire, and RBT Force on Force training. Through reality based immersion techniques, you will participate in and create various force on force scenarios and drills providing hands on experience and a deeper level of understanding low light concepts, course development, and instruction.

Topics covered include light and the human eye, flashlight selection and techniques for use, diminished lighting scenarios, low light entry methods, instructional techniques, simulation scenario design and evaluation, safety protocols and procedures, departmental liability, instructor teach-backs, participant led force on force scenarios, course critiques and evaluations, instructor lesson plan development and much more!

Additional Topics Covered

  • Develop and implement low light training program
  • Simulation scenario design and evaluation
  • Low light teaching methods
  • Instructing low-light
  • Instructor lesson plan
  • Departmental liability
  • Light and the human eye
  • Principles of low-light tactics
  • Flashlight selection and techniques for use
  • Understanding technical specifications of illumination tools
  • The tactical use of flashlights and ambient lighting
  • Utilizing hand-held flashlights with firearms
  • Entry techniques
  • Applying basic 2 – 3 man building search and room clearing techniques
  • Principles of low light tactics and engagements
  • Pistol drills for both hand-held and weapon-mounted lights
  • Rifle drills for both hand-held and weapon-mounted lights
  • Weapon manipulations in diminished lighting conditions

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