Trauma Affected Veterans

The objective for this course is to provide Law Enforcement Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators with a basic understanding of US Military culture, traumas, triggers and stressors, and de-escalation techniques when encountering Veterans in crisis.  Additionally, students will be instilled with the basic framework and tools to respond effectively and safely to an increasing number of veteran-related crisis incidents, as well as meet recent guidelines set by House Bill 1338 in receiving training relating to trauma affected veterans.

The Trauma Affected Veteran course builds on the crisis intervention training techniques that were taught in the basic Peace Officer licensing academy and is structured around 16 hours of instruction, guest speakers, videos, class dialogue plus 8 hours of hands-on participation/role playing, to build student confidence when encountering a US Veteran in crisis.

24 TCOLE credit hours will be provided  upon completion of the course. The training is limited to 60, please email if you wish to be on the wait list.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why this training is important for the law enforcement community

  • Define and understand the term “Veteran”

  • Understand the past and present operations of the Military

  • Understand how much of the veteran population is in the state of Texas

  • Have a better understanding of the military culture

  • Understand military trauma and the affect it has on veterans

  • Define and understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Define and understand Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI)

  • Define and understand Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

  • Define and understand Moral Injury

  • Have a better understanding of military families

  • Recognize the similarities between law enforcement and the military

  • Understanding common types of offenses that may be committed by trauma affected veterans

  • Have a better understanding of the risks of depression/suicide among the veteran community

  • Identify what gives Texas Police Officers the authority to detain someone for the purpose of mental health well-being

  • Demonstrate de-escalation techniques when encountering a trauma affected veteran

  • Develop and demonstrate active listening skills when encountering a trauma affected veteran

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