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Advanced Patrol Tactics TTPOA

Advanced Patrol Tactics is a course designed for the street level patrol officer to enhance knowledge base, improve on established foundations of tactics, and provide exposure to tested methods in order to increase survivability in dynamic high risk environments.

With today’s increasing threats against Law Enforcement, it’s paramount law enforcement officers receive the necessary training to handle any situation that arises. The Advanced Patrol Tactics course is a reality based force on force course specifically designed for patrol officers interested n learning how to deploy advanced tactics when responding to various high stress situations encountered in a patrol environment.

By utilizing reality based force on force immersion techniques, officers attending the Advanced Patrol Tactics course will experience hands on training in traffic stops, proper vehicle engagement tactics, understanding the contact cover rule and how to apply it, basic tactical trauma care, rescuing a downed officer and self aide buddy aide.

Additional topics covered include basic low light, initial 2–3 man building search and room clearing techniques,  developing and deploying a quick reaction detail for the first 2-3 responding officers to eliminate an eminent threat such as an active shooter, terrorist,  suicidal subjects, deadly force situations, and completing the objective in a safe effective manner while keeping laws, policies and procedures in mind.

Active Shooter Response Law Enforcement

Active Shooter Response training is designed for law enforcement to isolate and neutralize an active shooter. Officers will also learn how to establish a plan for integrating fire and EMS during active shooter situations. By utilizing reality/scenario based force on force immersion techniques, participants will learn a variety of tactical subject matters such as establishing an initial command post, team deployment and movements, principles of close quarters battle (CQB), open-air encounters, establishing and deploying a Rescue Task Force (RTF), and managing down officer/civilian situations.

Low Light Concepts – Georgetown, TX

Upon completing our Low-Light Tactics Course, you will be instilled with the knowledge and tactics in the use of a flashlight in all situations ranging from administrative activities to vehicle stops and lethal force engagements. These tactics will increase your chances of surviving and prevailing a deadly force confrontation in diminished lighting conditions.

Low Light Instructor – Oxford, MS

By utilizing principal based methods designed to challenge officers mentally and physically, instructors will learn how to develop and implement low light training program for their agency. This train the trainer course provides a detailed in depth look at equipment selection, proper techniques, training concepts, and the development of a low light training program.

Trauma Affected Veterans – Frisco, TX

The objective for this course is to provide Law Enforcement Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators with a basic understanding of US Military culture, traumas, triggers and stressors, and de-escalation techniques when encountering Veterans in crisis.  Additionally, students will be instilled with the basic framework and tools to respond effectively and safely to an increasing number of veteran-related crisis incidents, as well as meet recent guidelines set by House Bill 1338 in receiving training relating to trauma affected veterans. 

Tactical Rifle Applications – Southlake, TX

(enter # of attendees in the box then click register here) Tactical Rifle Applications is an intense firearms training course that focuses on dynamic action while deploying a tactical rifle (carbine). Participants will learn the development of aggressive gun-handling, tactical speed shooting and certain skills enabling them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing

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Advanced Patrol Tactics – Southlake, TX

Advanced Patrol Tactics With today’s increasing threats against Law Enforcement, it’s paramount Officers receive the necessary training to handle any situation that arises. This is a reality based force on force course, which is tailored for Patrol Officers to be able to deploy advanced tactics in various high stress situations that may be encountered in

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