Few hours ago I completed a reality based Basic Swat Course by P2 concepts. This class was by far the best reality based training class I have ever attended. Robbie and his staff are very knowledgeable individuals who are very humble and want to help law enforcement officers to up their tactics. I can tell you that these guys are in it to help law enforcement officers and not for the money. I highly recommend any classes or training by Robbie Allmon and his P2 Concepts.

F. Guante

“I recently took the Basic SWAT school with Robbie at P2 Concept. Awesome training and great instructors. Very knowledgeable and great training. I would recommend this instructor and company to anyone. Thanks for the training”

N. Yosten

My agency hosted P2 Concepts Tactical Rifle Applications course and it was a blast. Robbie is a wealth of knowledge and provided Real World Training for us Law Enforcement Officers. I highly recommend you attend one of his classes. We will be hosting this class and another classes in the near future.

L. Martinez

I just recently finished the Reality Based Training / Force on Force Instructor class put on by Robbie and P2 Concepts. By far one of the best classes I’ve been to. Robbie and his staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable in many areas, and make the learning environment fun, yet easy to learn. His classes are very organized and efficient! I’m looking forward to the Advanced Patrol Tactics class in a few months. Great job Robbie and everyone at P2 Concepts! I highly recommend them for your trainings.

C. Kyle

“Best rifle course I’ve attended in 10+ years in law enforcement. Thank You.”
J. Moeller


“EXCELLENT TRAINING! Objectives were met when exposing officer weaknesses and training issues through realistic, high stress training. Instructors were very knowledgeable and experienced. GREAT JOB!”
J. Porter

I recently took the Force on Force course. Can’t explain how invaluable this course was to me. Rob and his staff are of the utmost professional, knowledgeable, and well instructive staff you could ask for. Recommended x2.

T. Harris

Took the Trauma Affected Veteran class this past week. As a Vet myself, this was a great class! This should be mandated by TCOLE for every officer to take.

J. Pena

“I have to say I didn’t expect anything close to this level of training. I was expecting the run of the mill certification class that consisted of bullet points and caffeine to stay awake. This training is in your face awesome! You have definitely raised the bar and set the new standard. In 6 days P2 Concepts took my officers confidence level from a 2 to a 10. I am also much more confident in my officers capabilities to handle any situation that they get thrown into. We have found areas that need work and are establishing a training plan. P2 Concepts will be the only company I hire to train myself and my personnel. You can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks a million and can’t wait to see you guys again.”
D. Harkins

“Thank you again for the high quality training you provided last week in the RBT/Force-on-Force Instructor Course.  What I learned will prove invaluable as we develop and implement a force-on-force program here at the Trophy Club Police Department and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to train with you again.”

T. Mauthe

“Before coming to this course I had no prior knowledge of Robbie or P2C. Having been through a multitude of in-service courses, expectations historically start low and rise based on early observations. I was completely impressed when the first 15 minutes of practical application completely revolutionalized my low light thought process. Rock solid training and concept.”

K. Coffelt

“Excellent application of real life scenarios into force on force training. Learned a considerable amount of info & look forward to applying this to my PD & SWAT Team. Also obtained great knowledge on cheap yet effective props to help induce realism & stress.”

“Great class. All the instructors are obviously well equipped and knowledgeable. Learned a lot, not only about instructing Force on Force but different tactics & approaches to scenarios.”

K. Wilson

“Very good practical application of instructions. I like the small class size, allows student to run more scenarios.”

W. Roy

“Best training I’ve ever had. If you need your guys or gals trained and not just handed a piece of paper, contact these professionals.”

B. Bowman

“Great instructors & training facility with legitimate & authentic feedback to all students in order to allow them getting positive feedback to the end. Totally recommend them to all MIL/LE personnel.”

N. Bethel

“Exec course…VERY much worth the money..a BTDT instructor and material presented in a way so that it is easily understood and applied..you wont be disapointed.”

S. Roden

“I have trained with several former and current operators, including Robbie, over the years. All bring their unique experience and perspectives that have assisted me in developing solid fundamentals and streetwise (civilian) tactics. Among all, Robbie continues to set the standard for practical, no-bs, hands-on training; both live fire and force-on-force. P2’S Real World Pistol Applications is no exception. During P2’S RWPA, Robbie blends his extensive military and LEO operational experience into a course that applies fundamentals, concepts, and tactics into 8 full hours of live fire exercises. I challenge anyone to find another course with an equal level of practical trigger time and personal coaching. You will come away with higher confidence in your skills and the requisite warrior mind set to prevail in life-threatening engagement.”

J. Prince

“Loved the Force on Force. Loved the tempo of the scenarios. I enjoyed going over the lesson, practicing the concepts, then the debrief. Good training. Thanks!”

D. Kerr


“Awesome environment; Great training that has not been experienced!”

J. Anders

“Instructor was easy to relate to which facilitated the learning process. Instructor did well adapting material to changing situations. Knowledge of subject matter better than expected and this makes it adaptable to different learning styles. Instructor explaining information in an easy to understand manner while keeping the student engaged. More than prepared me to develop a RBT/FoF program for training within my agency. The use of continous feedback and critique was a huge benefit. The utilization of role players outside of the student roster enabled more effective training time with less down time. Great training as usual. Thank you!”

T. Mauthe


“Very good class. Better than expected!”

B. Puckett

“Great class. I learned concpets that will keep my buddies and I alive. After this class, the dark isn’t such an unknown.”

A. Krause

“Great staff, thanks!”

A. Bastida

“I have attended multiple training sessions at P2 Concepts and have been very impressed with the lead instructor and the material that was taught. I recently attended a dangerous public encounters course and had a great time. We used simulation rounds throughout, which created a high stress and real life experience. It was awesome…and getting shot at teaches you the importance of not making mental mistakes, real fast. I would strongly recommend picking the course and signing up for yourself.”

M. Davis

“Best Valentine’s Date Ever! Wife and I absolutely loved the Home Invasion Counter Tactics course! Robbie goes over so many issues you NEVER think of and what your options are as well as several different was of handling the situations. You will get an adrenaline rush as he and his very experienced staff show you what a real home invasion feels/looks/sounds like. Truly some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Great job guys, we will definitely be back.”

J. Harper

Having trained with Robbie several times I can say he always puts on a phenomenal class. The classes are informative and fun at the same time. Everyone from a beginner to an experienced shooter will walk away having learned something new and applicable in the real world as well as knowing where you need to improve. I’ve recommended Robbie and P2 to all of my family and friends and always look forward to training with P2 again.”

T. Bowman

“If you want the best training that exists, you NEED to come to P2! By far the best class I have ever taken! The role players were awesome and the training is as life like as it gets!! I’ve taken classes from different companies like P2, but in no way do they compare! Robbie is an awesome trainer! No need to go anywhere else!”

R. Salvaggio


“Great course. Learned a lot. Thanks!”

D. Kim

“Yet another awesome class with Robbie and P2. If you’re looking for a class with real world application, and not some high speed, low drag former Marine drill instructor screaming at you, Robbie is your guy. He delivers information in an easy to understand fashion with reasoning and real world scenarios that reinforce his instruction. I learned more in two hours and 30 rounds than I have since I’ve owned a handgun. If you carry a firearm, get training (from P2), you’ll be thankful you did.”

M. Dorton

“P2 Concepts offers the highest level of firearms training and professionalism that you will find anywhere – period. From basic training to advanced tactical training you will walk away knowing that your hard earned money was well spent. They offer classes that will prepare you for real world situations that hopefully none of us will ever experience. If you are already proficient with a firearm they will make you better. If you are thinking about getting a gun, make sure you get proper training and you will walk away with the confidence you need to carry responsibly. I have two young sons to whom I preach basic gun safety nearly everyday. When it’s time for them to take it to the next level we will be training at P2 Concepts.”

S. Renshaw

“Very practical, great training!”

“Good topics covered, presenting basic concepts. Enjoyed the scenario training versus just classroom.”

J. Boatman

“The rifle training course offered by P2 Concepts is superb.  I recommend this course for any serious thoughtful person looking for great personal training.  Your training methods are not only personable but very appropriate and structured so that even beginners come away with a sense of accomplishment and confidence knowing that the training they just received will work for them at all times later in life.   If they are like me, it will leave them wanting more training too.

You have a teaching style that is very professional, open and welcoming.  Every student gets the one on one attention that they need without detracting from the rest of the students.  The course teaches all the necessary concepts to defend yourself and your loved ones and to do so with confidence.

During the breaks, the camaraderie with all of the instructors and other students is also inspiring. Much is put out there by all to build on new friendships as well as learn from the experiences of everyone besides the expertise of the instructors.

I know that I don’t have to go into all the reasons one should train at all, but…  Anyone who is serious about having, keeping, carrying, and possibly using weapons for their own defense and that of their loved ones will always do well to train with those same weapons.  It’s the safest way to prepare and to protect and ensure your God given rights.  And P2 Concepts and Robbie Allmon is the best place I know of to get any and all defense training.”

M. Hensley


“I have trained with Robbie for several years and the courses are always refreshed. It doesn’t matter if your a new student or an operator, time is always taken for the student. Robbie has a special gift of teaching and putting real scenarios in place to keep you fighting and staying alive in a firefight. If your looking for the best trainer, you found one of the best around right here.”

R. Forsyth


“I have attended multiple training sessions at P2 Concepts and have been very impressed with the lead instructor and the material that was taught. I recently attended a dangerous public encounters course and had a great time. We used simulation rounds throughout, which created a high stress and real life experience. It was awesome…and getting shot at teaches you the importance of not making mental mistakes, real fast. I would strongly recommend picking the course and signing up for yourself.”

M. Davis


“Finally a professional approach to real life situations that give you a basic application so that you can perform at your best when you need it. P2 Concepts training methods are solid. The P2C Team is solid. 5 stars isn’t enough when your life and the lives of others depend on it. P2 Concepts is community driven and committed to helping. Thank you for doing what you do.”

P. Pierceall

“I gotta give a quick “Shout Out” to my Tactical Sensei, Robbie Allmon at P2 Concepts, and his other instructors. If you’ve missed my past comments, the training is second to none. They train all levels of ability, from the beginner to advanced military / contractor / SWAT / Law enforcement. Their passion and commitment to the craft is so apparent, with no ego or attitude….just a sincere desire that EVERYONE walks away from the class tested and improved. And they have a unique ability to accommodate all levels of ability within the same class, so no one feels frustrated or left behind. AND they will spend as much time with you as you need…having seen them stay for hours AFTER a class was over, answering questions and working one on one with students.
If you have a gun for protection, get training somewhere. I proudly train at P2 Concepts.”

R. Linn

“I started training with Robbie about three years ago. I went in to my first class with no professional training and a big ego…..I left exhausted and in shock at how truly unprepared I was to handle any kind of “tactical” situation. Over the years I have taken a couple hundred hours of teaching from Robbie, including taking the same classes 2-3 times. His curriculum is constantly changing and being perfected to best serve his students, and the world around them. Whether you are a first time shooter, or an experienced operator I highly recommend you open your mind a and come take a class wth P2 concepts. You won’t regret it.”

C. Moore

“Best Organization of its kind in DFW. Robbie’s leadership and teaching abilities to all levels puts him head and shoulders above the rest. Can’t say enough about these guys. It’s just as fun training with these guys as it is learning from them.”

M. Hood

“Quality, practical, reality based real world training that is SECOND TO NONE! A leader in the firearms training industry! Robbie is no joke, he’s extremely experienced and professional. He delivers information in an easy to apply format while adapting to the level of each student. Trust me, YOU won’t find this level of training and commitment to their clients anywhere else in the DFW metroplex! Proudly rating this company with 5 stars!”

N. Allmon

“Having been both a student as well as an instructor in several defense and other high speed activities I can vouch for the straight forward and effective manner in which P2 Concepts provides to all their clients/students.From beginner level skills that instill you on how to SAFELY and proper handle your firearms (proven by each staff of their team members service records no instructors with accidental shootings employed), to REAL life self defense skills (no movie themed systems of fighting taught at P2 Concepts). Everything I have learned has been easy to understand, digest, then replicate with practice provided each class or training session.The ability to practice under personal supervision both live fire drills, and then move to a separate SAFE area to engage in Force on Force (non-lethal) training scenarios REALLY hones in my skills in the most practical and safe manner possible.The ratio of instructors and safety team members to students makes me feel valued as a client and VERY safe! Some companies will have 8+ students with only 1-2 “instructors” or safety members. P2 Concepts has had a maximum of 2 students per 1 instructor or safety team member during my sessions with them.I advise anyone that is a responsible gun own seeking to learn armed self defense to PLEASE seek qualified training from a professional company such as P2. ( I suggest P2 Concepts based of my experience of 5-7 different schools.)”

T. Jordan

“Robbie is a super instructor! Force on force training is a whole new reality! While you may have an intellectual understanding of the principles, or even a fair amount of range training, practical application is a humbling experience. Your situational awareness will improve exponentially after a day with Robbie!”S. Esav

“P2 makes it an efficient cost effective process to receive the highest quality pistol training back by instructors with real world experience!S. Kittle

Stellar team over there. Great bunch of people very knowledgeable awesome training.P. Harrington

600 yards with my AR-15 and out to 800 yards with my AR-10. Awesome class, terrific instruction, great facility! Ready to do it again!!!”

S. Esav

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  1. Joe Villarreal


    Once again i would like to thank you for coming down to South Texas and conducting the Hostage Rescue block of instruction. GREAT CLASS!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys again real soon. Train Hard and be Safe!

    J. Villarreal
    TTPOA Regional 3 Director

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